Phase 1: Set the Foundation

Start here: Use these tools to build management-level awareness and understanding of organizational risks to child labor and harmful working conditions.

  • Making the Case Presentation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Social Performance Management Guide (SPM Assessment Only)
  • Understanding Harmful Work Training (with Management only)
  • Linkages Guide (Emergency and External Support Contact List Only)

Investor's Guide

Phase 2: Build the Structure

Use these tools to build field-level awareness and prioritize new or improved products and services.

  • Social Performance Management (SPM) Guide (all tools)
  • Understanding Harmful Work Training (with all staff)
  • Market Research Guide
  • Financial Products and Services Brief
  • Design Workshop

Phase 3: Engage Participants

Build participant-level awareness and support their needs.

  • Linkages Guide (all tools)
  • Frontline Staff Business Diagnostic
  • Entrepreneur Business Diagnostic (paper and digital versions)
  • Intra-Household Dialogue Guide
  • Risky Business Curriculum (paper and digital versions)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Guide