Together, We Are Dismantling the Economic and Social Barriers that Hold Women Back
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Grameen Foundation recognizes the antiquated systems of power that hold women back and we refuse to accept it as the norm.

We are breaking down barriers and reshaping mindsets, not just for today, but for generations to come.

Together, we are creating a world where poverty is not a life sentence, but one chapter in a story of resilience and triumph.

By enabling new systems of support, we ensure women can access their full potential and build resilience against climate change, financial insecurity, and harmful gender archetypes.

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A Story of Change

Meet Mandeepa Patel, a farmer who is leading the way in sustainable agriculture practices and inspiring change in her community while boosting productivity and income.

Grameen Foundation partners with local organizations to ensure women like Mandeepa can access their full potential and power.

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We Enable New Systems For Women Entrepreneurs and Farmers While Building The Foundation for a More Equitable Future

Our Approach to Climate Change  

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We partner with women entrepreneurs who lack startup funds or struggle to secure loans and lack access to markets and business training. We work with them to increase access, profitability, and agency throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

How We're Investing in Entrepreneurs

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Most working women in low-income communities are in agriculture. We connect them to markets and extension services, so they can increase profits and become resilient in the face of climate change threats.

How We're Investing In Farmers

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The Next Generation

A world without poverty and hunger depends on the next generation of women being financially included. We build on-ramps to formal financial and market systems so young women can break the cycle of poverty.

How We're Investing in the Next Generation

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