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Grameen program to improve livelihoods of coco farmers

Source: The Manila Times

Grameen Foundation in partnership with Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, has launched a five-year program in the Davao Region designed to improve 25,000 smallholder farmers' copra production and incomes and connect them to markets, while ensuring positive social and environmental impacts.

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How can solar energy help developing countries?

Source: MicroGrid Media

The Solar Village is a project that provides solar-powered homes and businesses to a village in India. The Solar Village was created by the Grameen Foundation, and it is funded by donations. The Solar Village contains a solar panel, a battery, and two light bulbs. It also has a water purification system, a medical clinic, and a school. The Solar Village is designed to be self-sufficient, and it is powered by renewable energy.

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U.S., Taiwan to cooperate on empowering women in Pacific island nations

Source: Focus Taiwan

The United States and Taiwan have launched a program aimed at enhancing the economic prospects of women in four Pacific island nations -- Palau, Nauru, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands -- which have diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the U.S. Department of State announced on Friday.

According to a statement, the State Department and Taiwan have teamed up with the Grameen Foundation to launch the Building Economic Inclusion via the Blue Economy (BELUU) program under the auspices of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representation Office (TECRO) in the U.S.

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Blockchain’s potential extends to poverty busting

Source: Financial Express

Grameen Foundation offered blockchain-enabled micro-financing to support women entrepreneurs in the Philippines during COVID-19.

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Taiwan, US launch project to aid women in Pacific

Source: Taipei Times

Taiwan and the US have launched a program aimed at enhancing the economic prospects of women in Taiwan’s four diplomatic allies in the Pacific region — Palau, Nauru, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands, the US Department of State announced on Friday.

Taiwan and the State Department teamed up with the Grameen Foundation to launch the Building Economic Inclusion via the Blue Economy (BELUU) program under the auspices of the two countries’ de facto embassies, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representation Office (TECRO).

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Grameen Foundation gets first female, Indian American CEO

Source: New India Abroad

During her career, Bai has spent time in the poorest places in the world, co-creating products, and services for the betterment of lives.

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Grameen Foundation Names First Woman Leader; GlobalGiving Taps New CEO From Gates Foundation

Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Zubaida Bai will be the next president and CEO of the Grameen Foundation. She is the first woman and the first Indian American to lead the microfinance organization.

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Grameen Foundation names Zubaida Bai President and CEO: Bai and new board members to lead Grameen Foundation into its second quarter-century

Source: PR Newswire

Grameen Foundation, a leader in providing access to information and resources with a mission to create a world without poverty and hunger, today announced Zubaida Bai as its next President and CEO. She is the first woman and the first Indian American to lead the organization.

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Building Economic Inclusion via the Blue Economy Program

Source: US Department of State

The U.S. Department of State and Taiwan, under the auspices of the American Institute in Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representation Office in the United States, are proud to partner with the Grameen Foundation to launch the Building Economic Inclusion via the Blue Economy (BELUU) program, a three-year effort to enhance women’s ability to thrive via a more connected business environment, demonstrating the benefits of inclusive development, women’s economic empowerment, and democratic values that foster participation from all. The program will focus on the power of the blue and green economies to increase the market participation of women entrepreneurs in the island nations of Palau, Nauru, Tuvalu, and the Republic of Marshall Islands.

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USAID Announces Nine Winners of Regional MujerProspera Challenge to Advance Women's Economic Security

Source: USAID site

Today, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub announced $5 million in funding for awards and technical assistance to nine winners of the MujerProspera (WomanProsper) Challenge, a regional challenge to advance gender equality in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras through women’s economic security, employment, and entrepreneurship. The challenge advances the Biden-Harris Administration’s strategy to address the root causes of irregular migration from Central America. It was first announced by USAID Administrator Samantha Power during her trip to El Salvador in June 2021.

In Honduras, Grameen Foundation will engage 200 food insecure women and their partners in Indigenous and Afro-descendent communities to shift gender norms and power dynamics through a proven approach of engaging spouses and partners to champion women’s business models, growth, and resilience. Through intrahousehold dialogues, this effort will enhance women’s access to credit and financial services, promoting more equitable sharing of household responsibilities.

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Walmart Foundation announces agriculture grant

Source: The Hindu

The Walmart Foundation on Wednesday announced a grant of over ₹4 crore to assist farmers across six States in India to manage supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic as well as sustain their farming operations. The grant will be presented to the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and its partner organisations that are supporting their local communities as they respond to COVID-19.

With this new grant, ICRISAT will partner with eight other organisations, including Tanager, Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN), TrickleUp, International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), Grameen Foundation India, Digital Green India, TechnoServe and Heifer International, to further scale up their efforts on the ground towards building support and resilience for India’s farmers.

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HarvestPlus partners with Grameen Foundation India to empower women through Inclusive Agriculture Approach

Source: The Print

New Delhi [India], February 17 (ANI/NewsVoir): HarvestPlus and Grameen Foundation India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase food, nutrition, and livelihoods security through the production, consumption, and marketing of conventionally bred biofortified crops in India.

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Data-driven solutions for more inclusive value chains

Source: Fairfood

How can we redesign global supply chains to make them more resilient and inclusive? In our final Trace Talk of the year we discussed the main challenges preventing smallholder farmers to thrive in global markets, as well as practical data-driven solutions to overcome them. Chrissy Martin Meier from Swiss Capacity Building Facility, Alfred Yeboah from the Grameen Foundation, Ella Moffat from HERproject and Derek Hardwick from Fairfood were on board for this future-oriented talk.

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HarvestPlus, Grameen Foundation India partner to empower women through inclusive agriculture approach

Source: Agriculture Post

The collaboration will focus on health and nutrition initiatives, along with financial inclusion and agriculture-based livelihoods, to enable vulnerable populations (especially women) to overcome poverty and hidden hunger.

HarvestPlus and Grameen Foundation India have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to increase food, nutrition, and livelihoods security through the production, consumption, and marketing of conventionally bred biofortified crops in India.

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'As a country, we need to protect the poor and disadvantaged'

Source: BizzBuzz News

"Grameen Foundation India has been operational in India for over 11 years. In these years we have directly impacted over 1.5 million people. Besides digital finance, we also expanded in the domains of agriculture, health and nutrition, and empowerment of women entrepreneurs," Grameen Foundation India CEO Prabhat Labh told BizzBuzz News. "Through our Grameen Mittra program, we have created self-employment for over 1,000 women entrepreneurs, who bring multiple financial and non-financial products and services to the rural communities in the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.”

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How charities use tech to tackle the world's biggest problems

Source: GeekWire

Grameen Foundation improves crops in developing countries with text messages
Digital farming is the way of the future to ensure farmers yield a good crop. Using texts, voice messages and call-in radio, Grameen Foundation alerts farmers of weather forecasts, pest prevention, farming tips and development plans so they can improve how they provide for themselves and their families.

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Grameen Foundation India Launches Tech4Inclusion Challenge for Tech Startups

Source: Yahoo! News

An initiative to leverage augmented reality technology to drive financial inclusion New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) Grameen Foundation India (GFI) recently launched the challenge for augmented reality-based solutions to advance financial literacy and inclusion. The challenge invites technology startups working on cutting edge augmented reality/virtual reality technologies and encourages them to come up with innovative solutions to address the challenges in advancing digital and financial inclusion of low-income people, particularly women.

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NGO trains women in Northern, Upper East Regions in mobile money operation

Source: MyJoy Online

An NGO, Grameen Foundation is partnering with three civil society organisations in the Northern and Upper East Regions to establish 90 female mobile money vendors as part of their employment programme.

The beneficiaries are expected to also serve as business advisers to other women in their communities. The initiative will also train these women to serve as gender-based violence report support agents.

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Grameen Foundation to train Female Mobile Money agents to provide Gender Based Violence support

Source: Ghana News Online

Speaking at the launch of the key findings of “WE GAIN’s WEE” Barriers and Opportunities Assessment, (an assessment made on the intended program before it commences) with key stakeholders in Tamale, the Regional Director for Grameen Foundation Africa, Alfred Yeboah indicated that the cost of training and setting up these female agents would be fully absorbed by the foundation.

“The project will provide start-up capital for them, train them and provide them all the support they need to succeed as Mobile Money agents who are also able to accrue profit from their business, then we can also use them as change agents when it comes to gender based violence awareness creation in their communities."

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Grameen Foundation Launches Blockchain-Enabled Cash Support and Training Program to Help 800 Filipino Workers Hit Hardest by COVID-19

Source: FinDev Gateway

Grameen Foundation announced the launch of an innovative program in the Philippines that leverages blockchain technology to provide capital support to microentrepreneurs challenged by the impact of the COVID-19. Supported by Celo, the “Social Dividend Campaign” targets repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who lost their jobs and income due to the pandemic.

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Celo, Grameen Foundation, Collaborate Anew For Blockchain-Enabled Support to 800 Filipino Workers

Source: BitPinas

Global non-profit organization Grameen Foundation announced a new initiative that utilizes blockchain to provide capital support to micro entrepreneurs who are facing challenges because of the pandemic. This project, the “Social Dividend Campaign,” is in collaboration with Celo and is poised to help repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers who have lost their jobs and income.

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Grameen Brings Relief, Recovery To 3,500 Entrepreneurs Amid Pandemic

Source: The Business Mirror

Grameen Foundation has announced the results of its Covid-19 RELIEF (Response to Enhance Livelihoods of Individual Entrepreneurs and Families) initiative in the Philippines. Supported by J.P. Morgan, the two-phase program targeted individual microentrepreneurs or daily wage earners, especially women, who were severely affected by community lockdowns imposed in Metro Manila and Cebu.

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Digital advisory services for smallholder families in Africa and Asia

Source: EurekAlert! - American Association for the Advancement of Science

The project "Agripath" is blazing new trails: "The goal of the project is to develop effective, efficient, and far-reaching advisory services that engage as many smallholder families as possible, particularly incorporating women and young people," says Sonja Vogt, Professor of Sustainable Social Development at the University of Bern: "To achieve that goal, we are developing technical innovations that foster changes in people's attitudes and social norms related to agriculture."

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Grameen, J.P. Morgan aid 3,400 local entrepreneurs

Source: Manila Standard

Grameen Foundation on Friday announced the results of its COVID-19 RELIEF (Response to Enhance Livelihoods of Individual Entrepreneurs and Families) initiative in the Philippines.

Drawing on its Resilient Life, Resilient Business (RLRB) curriculum, Grameen designed learning modules to support women entrepreneurs holistically by addressing gender roles and the constant threat of shocks and stresses they face, and by providing them with tools to thrive as microentrepreneurs in an ever-changing environment.

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Grameen Foundation program for microentrepreneurs

Source: Malaya Business Insight

Grameen Foundation shared the results of COVID-19 RELIEF (Response to Enhance Livelihoods of Individual Entrepreneurs and Families) initiative in the Philippines.

Supported by J.P. Morgan, the two-phase program targeted individual microentrepreneurs severely affected by community lockdowns imposed in Metro Manila and Cebu.

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Grameen, J.P. Morgan aid 3,400 local entrepreneurs

Source: The Manila Standard

Grameen Foundation on Friday announced the results of its COVID-19 RELIEF (Response to Enhance Livelihoods of Individual Entrepreneurs and Families) initiative in the Philippines. Supported by J.P. Morgan, the two-phase program targeted individual microentrepreneurs or daily wage earners, especially women, who were severely affected by community lockdowns imposed in Metro Manila and Cebu.

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How the Grameen Foundation Successfully Delivered Humanitarian Aid to 3,500 Micro Entrepreneurs Using Celo’s Blockchain

Source: Celo/Medium

In June 2020, Grameen Foundation a global nonprofit whose mission is to enable the poor to create a world without poverty and hunger, launched a project to help women micro entrepreneurs provide for their families with an emergency cash relief program.

Working with local microfinance institutions, Grameen identified 3,500 women in Manila and Cebu to receive immediate relief support by providing digital access to grocery and medical packages and vouchers for their household needs and business sustainability. However, delivering aid in an expeditious and safe manner is difficult given the strict mobility restrictions in the cities and the danger of COVID infection. And Grameen wanted to take a long-term approach.

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United States Provides Assistance to Bolster Women’s Economic Opportunities

Source: U.S. Embassy Mbabane

U.S. Ambassador Lisa Peterson is pleased to announce that the United States is providing Eswatini $1 million in financial assistance to bolster women’s economic opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The assistance will pay for a three-year Women’s Employment for Economic Recovery project, which aims to address legal and cultural barriers to women’s economic participation, give them better access to credit and financial services, and develop male allies to champion and help sustain these reforms. The goal of the project is to provide tools and resources that will empower more women to participate meaningfully in the economy.

Funding for the project comes from USAID’s Women’s Global Development Program (W-GDP), and it will be implemented by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA-ROLI) and its core partner the Grameen Foundation.

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How Grameen Mittras in Maharashtra's Bhandara are Leading the Battle Against Covid-19 Crisis

Source: News18 India

Recruited, trained and supervised by Grameen Foundation India (GFI), Grameen Mittras are social entrepreneurs, providing a range of valuable financial and non-financial services to the community.

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The Power of Local Women: An Innovative Social Capital Model Addresses Rural Financial Inclusion in India During COVID-19

Source: Next Billion

Grameen Foundation's innovative Mittra Model is featured in Next Billion's series, "Enterprise in the Time of Coronavirus."

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A Social Algorithm Tool Gives Covid-19 Relief To India’s Informal Sector

Source: BW Business World

Social algorithm tools like Grameen4Giving can ensure emergency relief reaches those in the informal sector who are the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Grameen, J.P. Morgan partner in COVID response

Source: Daily Tribune

'J.P. Morgan understood early that relief and recovery of individual entrepreneurs, especially women, would be a critical step to ensuring the economic resilience of the Philippines in this time of crisis, and we are proud to partner with them on this important initiative.'

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Grameen Foundation, J.P. Morgan Deliver COVID-19 Relief to Filipina Entrepreneurs

Source: Next Billion

Program supported by J.P. Morgan will target vulnerable individual female microentrepreneurs and their families located in Metro Manila and Cebu City.

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JP Morgan grants P33 million to foundation to help women microentrepreneurs in Philippines

Source: ABS-CBN News

Global financial services company JP Morgan Chase is giving $650,000 or around P33 million to international nonprofit Grameen Foundation to help 3,500 women running microenterprises in the Philippines whose livelihoods were affected by the COVID-19 crisis

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Helping Hands for Women Entrepreneurs

Source: Manila Bulletin

Grameen Foundation, supported by J.P. Morgan, launched COVID-19 RELIEF to provide immediate relief and longer-term recovery support to 3,500 women entrepreneurs running microenterprises.

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Global Poverty’s Sputnik Moment

Source: Project Syndicate

The battle for geopolitical dominance includes the fight against global poverty, and this time the US is losing. The International Development Finance Corporation alone will not eradicate world poverty. Steve Hollingworth, CEO of the Grameen Foundation, calls for a bold plan.

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Decoding the Future of Jobs in India

Source: The Pioneer

India is facing declining employment due to lack of new opportunity and education deficits. Prabhat Labh, CEO of Grameen Foundation India and Sourajit Aiyer, author and communication consultant, discuss the challenges and potential solutions.

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Data-Driven Agriculture: supplementing precision agriculture with big data

Source: Galus Australis

Data-Driven Agriculture uses big data to supplement on-farm precision agriculture – using the right farm data, at the right time and in the right formats to make better decisions.

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Bridging the gender gap: Fintech as a means to empower women

Source: Observer Research Foundation

A study by the Grameen Foundation India reveals the life-changing impact of financial inclusion and digital solutions on people previously "locked out" of formal financing institutions.

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Corporates can remodel business into a force for good – here's how

Source: Pioneers Post

Daniel Nowack – managing director at Yunus Social Business discusses how, with a mix of social intrapreneurship, corporate partnerships with social businesses and a new era of corporate social investment, businesses can be turned into a force for good.

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World Changing Ideas 2019: All the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions

Source: Fast Company

Fast Company‘s third annual World Changing Ideas Awards drew nearly 2,000 submissions across 17 categories. Grameen's Emotional Analytics for Social Enterprises and the Grameen Guru, Accenture Labs India won Honorable Mention.

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‘We have to bring the digital data revolution to the farmers growing coffee and cocoa’

Source: Ethical Corporation

Together with Grameen Foundation, Mars, Inc and other partners, Rainforest Alliance launched the SAT4Farming programme, an initiative to reach thousands of small-scale cocoa producers with information and services to improve their productivity and sustainability. It is designed to use digital technology and satellite imagery to create individual Farm Development Plans (FDPs), which will guide Ghanaian cocoa farmers over a seven-year period.

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Acumen, Patni scions-backed Grameen Impact offer credit to skill development firms

Source: VC Circle

Grameen Impact Investments India and Acumen India have launched a $1.4 million bond focused on sustainable development goals that will provide credit to for-profit enterprises targeting skill development in India.

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Smart Farming Through The Internet Of Things

Source: Forbes

Tony Franklin, General Manager for the Internet of Things at Intel talks about what is happening in the extremely powerful IoT space. One issue he sees is the 500 million smallholder farmers who produce much of the world's food supply but lack access to the Internet. That's why, ten years ago, Intel and Grameen Foundation formed the Technology for Social Impact partnership.

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The role of anthropology and technology in the Ebola vaccine response

Source: Open Access Government

Throughout the Ebola vaccine trials in Sierra Leone, collaboration was essential between anthropologists, communities and managing the clinical vaccine trials. The purpose of the EBODAC (Ebola Vaccine Deployment, Acceptance, and Compliance) Consortium – a partnership that includes the Grameen Foundation – was to develop community engagement strategies to manage rumors and build trust, and particularly to ensure vaccine compliance. Another important objective: prepare for future vaccine deployment by strengthening communities and health systems to be better prepared and respond to future outbreaks.

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Transforming Food Systems for Resilience in Africa & Asia

Source: reliefweb

As part of a series of opinion pieces to mark World Food Day, October 16, this article by Nathanial Matthews and Deon Nel highlights FarmerLink’s mobile-based advisory service in the Philippines.

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Re-energizing agriculture through digital transformation

Source: The Manila Times

The Manila Times cites Grameen Foundation’s FarmerLink program as an example of digital transformations that are benefiting farmers in the Philippines.

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Growth of agritech calls for rapid policy response

Source: African Business Magazine

Grameen Foundation program manager Alfred Kofo Yeboah calls on Africa’s emerging agritech sector to support policies and institutions that protect farmers’ privacy and data rights.

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Tech apps to financially empower women

Source: Financial Express

Sanjay Podder, managing director of Accenture Labs India, explains his company’s collaboration with Grameen Foundation to develop AI and augmented reality tools to help increase the adoption of financial services among low-income women.

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How Technology is Helping Filipino Farmers Weather Storms

Source: Farming First

Gigi Gatti, Grameen Foundation’s director of technology for development, discusses our FarmerLink program in the Philippines and shares key lessons for technology-based agricultural services.

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Ghana: Digital Satellite Tech Supports Ghana Cocoa Farmers


All Africa profiles SAT4FArming, a digital and satellite technology program launched by Grameen Foundation and partners to support Ghana’s smallholder cocoa farmers.

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Paytm AshaKiran Partners with Grameen Foundation to Promote Self-Employment in Rural India

Source: Inc42

Through this partnership, Paytm and Grameen Foundation for Social Impact will provide job-oriented training to rural women and youth to help increase financial literacy and inclusion.

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Boosting financial inclusion in developing nations—an AI/AR use case

Source: Diginomica

Prabhat Labh of Grameen Foundation India discusses their use of digital technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, to expand financial inclusion in India. Watch the video.

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To make digital financial inclusion a reality, let women help other women


Grameen Foundation’s Lauren Hendricks and Gigi Gatti discuss the importance of female agents in encouraging other women to adopt digital financial services.

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New Index Measures Empowerment & Inclusion of Women in Agriculture

Source: Inter Press Service

Grameen Foundation is a project partner in the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index program led by the International Food Policy Research Institute, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.

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Being Smart About Mobile Money

Source: Microfinance Gateway

Grameen Foundation’s Bobbi Gray and Christian Loupeda discuss the valuable role of savings groups in extending digital financial services to underserved communities in Burkina Faso.

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Building productivity and resilience for coconut farmers through digital technology

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Grameen Foundation’s FarmerLink program in the Philippines is featured as one of the FAO’s e-Agriculture promising practices for its use of satellite data, farm data and mobile-equipped field agents to help small-scale coconut farmers improve their productivity and incomes.

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Local fintech, Grameen Foundation use technology to empower the poor

Source: Business Mirror

Grameen Foundation’s CAN program in expanding access to financial services in the Philippines.

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Serving Smallholder Farmers in the Digital Age: Why it Requires Treating Data Like an Asset

Source: Next Billion

In this joint op-ed, Grameen Foundation’s Bobbi Gray and FHI 360’s Ellen Galdava discuss how data-driven agriculture can improve the lives of smallholders farmers.

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Sari-sari stores level up with digital transformation

Source: InterAksyon

Gigi Gatti explains how Grameen Foundation works with neighborhood shops and telecom operators in the Philippines to extend financial services to underserved communities.

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