Board of Directors

Beverly Morris Armstrong

CFO, Atlantic Council

Marie-Renée Bakker

Independent board member and Senior Finance Expert

Ellen Breyer


Former President and CEO,
Hazelden Foundation

Peter Cowhey

Chairman of the Board

Dean, UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy

Jenny Darlington

Senior Results Analyst,
Capital Group

Katharin Dyer

Board Member, Strategic Advisor, CMO and AI Professional

Carlos Fonseca

International Markets Head, Strategy, Planning & Analytics, Transunion

Vikram Gandhi

Founder and CEO,
VSG Capital Advisors

Arthur Goshin


HealthyWorld Foundation

William G. Hamm

Managing Director,
Berkeley Research Group

Lauren Hendricks

CEO and Co-Founder, KEIPhone

Leslie Hyman

Co-Founder and CEO

Gopi Kallayil

Chief Evangelist, Digital Transformation and Strategy at Google

Elisabeth Rhyne


Independent Consultant specializing in financial inclusion

Neela Saldanha

Founding Director
The Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC)
Ashoka University

Jeffrey Scott

Former finance and administration executive

Marianne Udow-Phillips

Lecturer, University of Michigan School of Public Health and Ford Policy School
Principal, Mu Consulting

Daniel B. Wolfson

Executive Vice President, ABIM Foundation

Emeritus Board Members

Muhammad Yunus
Edwin T. Baldridge
Peter Bladin
Susan Cleary Garratt
Susan Davis
Bob Eichfeld
Paul Maritz
David Russell
Weldon Wasson
Lawrence Youngblood