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Upcoming Events

June 6 Grameen Foundation in San Francisco
Location: Zingari SF

June 7 RWJF's Reimagined In America Webinar Featuring Grameen CEO, Zubaida Bai
Virtual Event

June 14 Grameen Foundation in DC
Location: Grameen Foundation HQ Office

June 25 FinEquity Webinar Featuring Grameen Senior Researcher, Bobbi Gray
Virtual Event

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Exploring Power Dynamics Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Thursday, June 27 at 8:00 am PT

Zoom Registration

With over 25 years of experience across 50 countries globally, Grameen Foundation has directly observed the adverse impact of power structures on people. We are committed to addressing this inequity and we utilize our expertise in household dialogues to reframe and engage in new ways of thinking.

Through an interactive and generative approach, our Exploring Power Dynamics Workshop (EPD) aims to cultivate awareness and equip attendees with effective communication strategies to navigate and challenge power dynamics, benefiting both individuals and organizations alike.

Our virtual workshops will raise awareness of the ways power affects us all.