Gender Plus Summit

June 6-8, 2022

The Gender Plus Summit is an inclusive thought leadership event that brings together diverse development and humanitarian stakeholders from around the world to collectively learn about key gender and social inclusion challenges and opportunities. Summit principles include prioritizing localization so that the experiences, evidence and voices of historically excluded people living in the Global South are front and center; aligning with diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility strategies; ensuring people with different kinds of disabilities have the reasonable accommodations they need to fully participate and lead; spotlighting the voices and experiences of people with different gender identities and sexual orientations; taking equitable approaches to address harmful and unfair power dynamics; and using a strengths-based approach to identify tangible solutions and available resources.

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Seamless Asia conference logo

Seamless Asia 2022

June 22-23, 2022

Join Asia’s payments, banking & e-commerce leaders live online as we come together to share our experiences and navigate the challenges we are all facing. Elsie Delfin, project manager for Grameen Foundation, will speak at a session entitled, "Using Blockchain, Crypto, and E-Learning to Support Filipino Microentrepreneurs' Recovery" on June 22.

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