Enable the poor, especially women, to escape poverty.

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What does your dollar mean for the extremely poor, especially women?

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Outreach to
7 million

and counting
  • A way to collect, save and manage her own money to support her family
  • Improved well-being, ability to pay school fees and take their children to the doctor
  • Loans designed around the needs of poor women and their families
  • A way to send money to a far-away friend or family member in need
  • A way to pay bills without hours of travel or costly cash transaction fees
  • A 7-year farm development plan for each farmer’s actual farming plot
  • Farming loans with repayments that fit local lean and harvest seasons
  • Direct connection to buyers, sellers and market prices
  • Texts with geo-targeted severe weather alerts
  • Texts with pest infestation warnings
  • Texts with advice on cross planting for aging crops
  • Texts with tips to improve soil and crop yields

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