ESCÚCHAME: Intrahousehold Dialogue

Curriculum Background

The ESCÚCHAME Intrahousehold Dialogue curriculum was developed to help ODEF Financiera in Honduras and other entities supporting women's economic empowerment organize and facilitate dialogues between a client and her partner to strengthen communication and positive and equitable decision-making for the well-being of the household.

These guides provide considerations on when to conduct an intrahousehold dialogue, steps to take before conducting an intrahousehold dialogue, strategies and best practices for designing an intrahousehold dialogue, and three dialogue activities to carry out with female clients and their male partners (or vice versa).

This curriculum includes a Facilitator's Guide and a Pictorial Guide as well as a Training of Trainers (TOT) Guide and a TOT powerpoint presentation.

Please note the Pictorial Guide should only be used after a facilitator has participated in a TOT or has familiarized him or herself with the Facilitator's Guide as it is only a complement to the main guide.

Curriculum and Resources

Facilitators Guide (used to facilitate dialogues with participant households. English available soon)

English | Spanish

Pictorial Guide (graphics and prompts for facilitating a dialogue - used in conjunction with the Facilitator's Guide)

English | Spanish

Training of Trainers Workshop Guide (used to train facilitators to conduct intrahousehold dialogues. English available soon)

English | Spanish

Training of Trainers Powerpoint (a complement to the Training of Trainers Workshop Guide. English available soon)

English | Spanish

Access Editable Versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) of the Escuchame Intrahousehold Dialogue curriculum in English or Spanish