Unveiling a Groundbreaking Initiative to End Financial Abuse: Program SAFE

[Washington, DC, 05/22/2024] – Grameen Foundation proudly announces the launch of Program SAFE, an innovative initiative dedicated to safeguarding against financial abuse and ensuring individuals achieve financial security and independence.

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Financial abuse is a pervasive and insidious form of exploitation that affects millions of individuals worldwide, particularly women, seniors, and marginalized communities. It encompasses a range of behaviors, including controlling finances, exploiting assets, and restricting access to resources, all of which can have devastating and long-lasting consequences for survivors.

Recognizing the urgent need to address this critical issue, Grameen Foundation is taking a bold stand with Program SAFE. This comprehensive initiative aims to raise awareness, provide support services, and build a global coalition to safeguard against financial abuse in all its forms.

"At Grameen Foundation, we are committed to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive free from exploitation and abuse," said Zubaida Bai, Grameen Foundation President and CEO. "With Program SAFE, we are shining a light on the often-overlooked issue of financial abuse and enabling new systems that ensure a global effort is organized to urgently address this need."

Program SAFE will focus on several key objectives:

1. Awareness and Education: Through targeted outreach campaigns and educational programs, Program SAFE will raise awareness about the signs and consequences of financial abuse and provide resources for individuals and communities to recognize and respond to it effectively.

2. Enhance Evidence: Strategic and holistic research is required to ensure overlapping challenges and issues are identified to successfully end financial abuse. Program SAFE will provide an improved understanding of the pathways that organizations are pursuing or could pursue to prevent, respond to and/or help individuals recover from financial abuse.

3. Platform Development: Ending financial abuse requires systemic change. Program SAFE will develop a series of communication products to disseminate information and will create an online library to house materials developed on standards, best practices, training curricula, and safeguarding policy templates with indicators and metrics to fight against financial abuse.

4. Financial Services Sector Engagement: Building a community of support is essential for combating financial abuse. Program SAFE will engage stakeholders from all aspects of the financial system – to coordinate efforts, share best practices, and foster collaboration in the fight against financial abuse.

Grameen Foundation invites individuals, organizations, regulators, investors and other stakeholders from across the globe to join us in our mission to end financial abuse and create a future where everyone can live with dignity, security, and self-determination.

For more information about Program SAFE and how you can get involved, please visit grameenfoundation.org or contact Rebecca Abbey at rabbey@grameenfoundation.org.

About Grameen Foundation: Grameen Foundation is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to ending poverty in our lifetime. With a commitment to enabling new systems of support, we ensure women can access their full potential and build resilience against climate change, financial insecurity, and harmful gender archetypes. Grameen Foundation is dedicated to building supportive ecosystems, using technology and innovation to ensure women around the world thrive.


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