"I have gained recognition and respect in my village."

Vaishali Omprakash Hatwar, a Grameen Mittra in Nagpur, Maharashtra, shares how she helps people in her community.

"Since becoming a Grameen Mittra, my fellow villagers are very delighted. The nearest bank is 15K from our village. But now I am able to help them with their banking needs from electric and water bill payments to transactions and money withdrawal. Most of the people in my area are daily wage laborers and now they don’t have to lose their day’s wage for visiting the bank. Therefore, they are very happy that there is a Grameen Mittra in their village. I have gained recognition and respect in my village. Now I am able to help all the villagers, which makes me happy," she says.

Learn more about Vaishali and our Grameen Mittras in the video below.

One Mittra can serve, on average, 100 households in a year. The regions in which they work have an average household number of three people. With thousands of Grameen Mittras currently working in India, the ripple effects they have are felt through entire communities.

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