Unaddressed and Unacceptable Sacrifices: The Role of Financial Services for Food Security and Nutrition

Posted on 05/11/2023

Large group of people gathered around tree in field
Photo Credit: Grameen Foundation

This blog post was originally published on the European Microfinance Platform website.

As noted in Myka Reinsch Sinclair’s blog launching the European Microfinance Award 2023 – Inclusive Finance for Food Security & Nutrition, our work at Freedom from Hunger and then through the merger with Grameen Foundation was grounded in the theory that microfinance plus health and nutrition education would reduce poverty and improve household food security. Financial services alone were not enough. Health and nutrition education were not enough. You had to provide both to support household’s agency and decision-making regarding more and healthier food consumption.

Fast forward to today, not much has changed. While we’ve celebrated reductions in global hunger in the past few years, it is again on the rise due to climate change and shocks, conflict, land degradation, to name a few.

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