Our goal: to reach 25 million people living in extreme poverty by 2025.

Grameen Model - Microfinance Institutions

The Grameen Foundation Model empowers the poor, especially women, with access and information that enable them to escape poverty. And while most digital solutions require Internet access, smartphone ownership and the ability to read, the Grameen Foundation Model does not. We only require access to a basic-feature mobile phone and a Grameen Community Agent.

We work with a wide network of local partners, from banks and microfinance institutions to mobile operators to agribusinesses. These partners provide the infrastructure we need to train our Community Agents and deliver access to the people who need it most.

Where we work.

Grameen Map of Countries Where We Work

Grameen Foundation by the numbers.


Over 14.8 million people
have gained
better access to microloans,
savings accounts, and
other financial services.

By The Numbers Bank

$29.4 million
pro bono services

Our Bankers without Borders®
volunteers have provided
$29.4 million worth
of pro bono services to
315 social enterprises.

Bankers without Borders logo

5 million

More than 5 million people have received health education and services via the MOTECH mobile health technology we developed.

Motech logo

600 organizations
in 40 countries

More than 600 organizations working with
the world’s poorest populations have
used the Progress out of Poverty Index®
to measure their poverty reduction and to improve their strategies for serving
disenfranchised communities.

Poverty Probability Index logo

TaroWorks Reach

More than 90 social enterprises have used
our TaroWork™ mobile application to
support 200,000+ micro-entrepreneurs
and improve the lives of more than
four and a half million poor beneficiaries
across 30+ countries.

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Community Agent can reach

266 clients every year

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Our partners  

Transforming data. Transforming access. Transforming lives.

Mobile Money and Digital Farming
Community Agents Icon

Connecting the poor to possibility with Community Agent networks.

Our Mobile Money and Digital Farming solutions harness technology in remarkable ways, but they are merely tools. What matters is what we do with them. That is where our networks of Community Agents come in.

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Digital Financial Services
Mobile Money Icon

Digitizing financial inclusion for poor women.

Nearly one billion women do not have even a basic bank account. They may own a shop, have a lot of business and entrepreneurial smarts, but they cannot secure a loan. Freeing women from the chains of a cash-only existence means treating them the same way the financial system treats men.

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Smallholder Farming Digital Data
Digital Farming Icon

Transforming smallholder farming with digital data.

Seventy percent of the world’s extreme poor are farmers. Their poverty is generational because small family farms have never had access to the resource-rich formal markets, their farming methods are outdated, and they have no way to anticipate devastating weather and pest infestations. With today’s technology, these chains can be broken.

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Beyond the numbers: Here's how individuals have lifted themselves out of poverty.
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