WAGE Ghana Gender and Inclusion Analysis

Women in Northern Ghana face not only limited access to financial services and business training to start and grow businesses, but also limited access to GBV referral pathways and support information. Female DFS agents can potentially play a role in bringing these often disconnected needs together in an integrated approach for the benefit of women entrepreneurs and others in their communities. The “Women Entrepreneurs in Northern Ghana Gain Access to Integrated services via Agent Networks” or WE GAIN initiative is designed to do specifically that. WE GAIN theorizes that engaging trusted local female community agents to deliver doorstep digital financial and non-financial services (DFS+) will increase women entrepreneurs’ access to and uptake of DFS and DFS+ for their households and businesses by decreasing financial transaction costs, increasing women’s confidence and trust of DFS+ services, and expanding women’s access to other complementary services.

Resource Type:
  • Research & Evaluation

Author: Bindi Jhaveri, Emily Romero, Bobbi Gray, Paula Rudnika, Brianne Stuart
Publication Date: 03/23/2022
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Program Area:
  • Inclusive Digital Finance
  • Women Empowered Everywhere

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