Kalinga kay Inay: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies. Program Evaluation

This report describes and evaluates the outcomes of the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies initiative. The initiative was aimed at Filipino women with the goal of improving their awareness of maternal health services, their knowledge of good practices for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and their use of prenatal care and safe birth services.

The initiative was designed by the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) in the Philippines, with support from Johnson & Johnson and in partnership with Freedom from Hunger and the Microcredit Summit Campaign. Given the cross-sectoral nature of the initiative, the results and implications of this report should interest both financial services providers and health sector professionals. (A related infographic is also available.)

Resource Type:
  • Research & Evaluation

Publication Date: 06/30/2016
  • Asia

Program Area:
  • Inclusive Digital Finance

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