Banker to the Poor: Microlending and the Battle Against World Poverty


"By giving poor people the power to help themselves, Dr. Yunus has offered them something far more valuable than a plate of food - security in its most fundamental form."―President Jimmy Carter "[Yunus's] ideas have already had a great impact on the Third World, and ... hearing his appeal for a 'poverty-free world' from the source itself can be as stirring as that all-American myth of bootstrap success."―Washington Post "I only wish every nation shared Dr. Yunus's and the Grameen Bank's appreciation of the vital role that women play in the economic, social, and political life of our societies."―Hillary Clinton "Muhammad Yunus is a practical visionary who has improved the lives of millions of people in his native Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world. Banker to the Poor [is] well-reasoned yet passionate."―Los Angeles Times "A fascinating and compelling account by someone who decided to make a difference, and did."―CHOICE

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  • Book

Author: Professor Mohammad Yunus
Publication Date: 07/16/2015
  • Global

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