Strategic Planner Helps Improve the Financial Literacy Capacity of a Philippine Farmers Cooperative

Posted on 06/15/2022


This project with Grameen Foundation consisted of two parts: the first involved working with the team to develop and deliver a Financial Literacy training program, and the second part was to develop a companion training manual that can be used to deliver training to the key stakeholders, Grow Lambo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GLAMPCO).

The teams involved in the project included BWB personnel and Grow Lambo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GLAMPCO). It was conducted virtually over a 3 month period. The training material needed to be clear, concise and designed to allow key GLAMPCO personnel to deliver the training to smallholder farmer-members of the cooperative. The deliverables included the Financial Literacy manual and a Training manual covered the basics as well as some intermediate topics on financial literacy. It was structured in easy to read language, combined with examples and tools to allow for interactive hands-on activities, to enforce the theory as well as practical knowledge. Debit management is a key benchmark of the training, and to the end, cash flow management was incorporated into the training. A trainer was hired to deliver in-person training to the initial cohort of farmers.

The majority of the collaboration was done through zoom calls between the volunteer, GLAMPCO staff and BWB staff. Communication was supplemented with emails that enabled me to deliver a finalized written Financial Litearcy manual that documented topics from the basic of Cash Managment to more comprehensive topics like Cash Flow, Budgeting, Savings and Credit Managment. Upon final concurrence with the content, it was delivered to the team. Subsequently a training document was created and delivered a month later. Shortly thereafter, a decision was made to hire an in-person volunteer. I partnered with her to review and establish the format of the document, and delivery of the information This was then used for the first initial training in May. By all measurements, the training was successful, with feedback that indicated the content was relevant and meet the requirements of financial literacy education for the farmers.

My participation in this volunteer project was very rewarding. As the project evolved, I received feedback that proved the information that was developed is much needed and fills a gap that has gone too long, unfulfilled. Financial Literacy is knowledge that all of us should learn along with our reading and writing skills. To be able to do this in a virtual space, and impact so many, is a testament to the good work that BWB is doing in communities across the world. Despite the challenges that time zone differences and virtual work brings, collaborating with Michael Pascual, Judith Agnoletto, and Glen Mar Sumagaysay, made the iterative process of feedback, delivery and implementation much easier. The value proposition that BWB program offers is one that I recognize as crucial to improving communities across the world, especially in the farming industry. I am grateful that I am able to be part of the community that empowers others in this very necessary life skill!

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