Branding and Marketing for a Chocolate Cooperative

Posted on 08/25/2023

I enjoyed working on the project and was grateful to have my project partner Ben on the ground since I was remote. Cacao has been grown in the Philippines since it was first brought by the Spaniards from Mexico in the 1700s. Geographically, the Philippines is ideal for cultivating it and produces some very fine flavored beans. However, production is limited to smallholder farms employing traditional techniques. As the demand for fine quality cacao products has increased both globally and among Filipino consumers, MAMPCO has an opportunity to grow.

In addition to developing digital marketing skills, one of the ways MAMPCO can increase sales is by revamping its packaging. Good packaging design is a critical marketing tool because many product purchasing decisions are made solely on the basis of it. It’s also an effective vehicle for conveying MAMPCO’s brand story around the coop and the fact that its products are single origin, bean-to-bar chocolates, sustainably produced in Davao. This will help distinguish MAMPCO’s products and also aid product recognition and recall. Lastly, what I hope I impressed on the coop is that well-designed packaging that appears premium can influence consumers’ impressions of the products even before they taste it, thus creating perceived value.

I hope the best practices and suggestions I shared will help MAMPCO rise up to meet the growing demand for high-quality, sustainable chocolate products.

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