One billion women around the world can’t access loans, markets, business training, or even open bank accounts. And when they can, other barriers stand in their way, such as gender-based violence and grueling household work.

Grameen Foundation partners with women and girls to transform systems that work against them, using technology and innovation to break these barriers.

In this way, we create the space for women and girls to show up with their full power. And they use this power to feed their families, pay for school fees and healthcare, and grow their businesses. Together, we expand these efforts so their families, and entire communities, can escape poverty and hunger.

The Women We Serve

Your investment will break barriers for women and girls who are refugees, farmers, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In addition to the many challenges all people living in poverty face, women and girls also experience gender-based violence, grueling household work, and social norms that prevent them from taking on loans or participating in markets. But when these barriers are removed, the positive impact on their communities is real and lasting.

A gift of $1,000, or about $84 a month, can fund one woman's business—and provide gender training, digital financial services, and connections to markets so that she can succeed in the long term.

Two women exchange money in Nakivale Settlement, Uganda

Why don't we use the word 'empower'?

A woman is the backbone of her household, doing endless, unpaid work in the fields, at small family businesses, and at home to help her family survive. Does a woman like that need us to empower her? No, she needs us to create space for her to show up with the power she already has. She needs us to invest in her power and potential.

Indian women education

Champion equality and prosperity for women and girls

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