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In 2016, Freedom from Hunger joined forces with Grameen Foundation to become one organization. Under the Grameen Foundation banner, our collective mission is to empower the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger.

We began our work together by setting an audacious goal: to empower 25 million people living in poverty by 2025. Our success since then is the result of combining the strengths of both organizations: Freedom from Hunger’s legacy of evidence-based, integrated programming and Grameen Foundation’s cutting-edge, human-centered technology solutions. Since setting our goal in 2016, we have empowered nearly 13.5 million people with education and tools to unleash their capacity to break free from poverty and hunger.

Freedom From Hunger Board Members

Arthur Goshin


HealthyWorld Foundation

Beverly Morris Armstrong

CFO, Atlantic Council

Marianne Udow-Phillips

Head of Public Health for Rewind, Principal of MuConsulting, Senior Advisor to the Center for Health and Research Transformation

Freedom From Hunger Financial Information

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All donations to Freedom From Hunger are directed to Grameen Foundation.