What is the BELUU Community of Practice?

The Community of Practice (COP) is a group composed of people that share the same interest, passion and skills to address women economic empowerment (WEE) concerns within the Pacific Islands. The COP aims to create an enabling environment for Civil Society, Private Sector Individuals and other stakeholders to engage and learn, voice and present insights, and share information and tools that advance economic inclusion of women in the blue and green economies. The COP will also offer a space for ideation and co-creation of WEE project ideas for organizations as well as opportunities for the BELUU team to introduce the key principles for project management including inclusion, transparency, and accountability.

Benefits for BELUU’s Community of Practice Members

  • Receive invitations to participate in knowledge sharing activities of the BELUU Program including workshops, webinars, or in-person sessions. These valuable interactions serve as pathways for idea creation and innovation.
  • Interact with technical experts and engage with peers to improve professional skills and development.
  • Hear stories and learn from insights of WEE experts and improve overall awareness of business and social trends within the Pacific Islands.
  • Receive technical advice to increase overall productivity and performance as a WEE actor within the Pacific Islands. Members will also have access to BELUU’s Digital Knowledge Exchange Platform to access a range of materials, such as tool kits, publications, and adult training content that is especially curated for the Pacific Islands.

As a Member of the Community of Practice, you agree to:

  • Respect the community as a positive and safe space to share resources and practices.
  • Respect all participants’ views, perspectives, and opinions.
  • Be as active as possible – and help to make the community vibrant and useful for all.
  • Provide constructive feedback and take part in activities as time allows.


Four Women sitting at a table Four Women Sitting at a Table