You’ve Given Kanti Hope with a Small Loan

In a desperately poor region of India, Kanti bought a sewing machine to provide for her growing family.

Kanti lives in Rasalpur Village in Uttar Pradesh, India. Life is hard for most people in Kanti’s community - in Uttar Pradesh, almost half of women are illiterate and poverty levels are very high - but thanks to you, Kanti has the tools she needs to make a better future for herself and her loved ones. 

Kanti recently took out a loan for 20,400 Rupees (about 330 USD), and she used it to invest in her small business. She bought this sewing machine with part of the loan, and she uses it to earn more money to care for her growing family. 

With your help, women like Kanti are beating the odds in the poorest parts of India. With the right resources at their fingertips, they can begin the climb out of poverty - one rung at a time - once and for all.