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A health crisis is the most frequent economic shock faced by poor people, and the most likely to plunge them into extreme poverty. Grameen Foundation designs health solutions that address the complex interplay of poverty and health. We identify the best technologies and approaches to solving a given problem, whether it concerns issues of maternal and infant mortality, disease treatment and prevention, health and nutrition, or sexual and reproductive health.

Health knowledge  is central to our programs, whether via face-to-face dialog-based education or digital information delivered via mobile phone. Our digital health programs provide millions of poor people with health information and improved healthcare delivery, train and manage frontline health workers, and facilitate vaccine clinical trials in outbreak situations.

Our MOTECH mobile application was designed as an open-source digital health platform that is now being used by dozens of organizations in more than 15 countries to improve the health of low-income people.

Through the use of digital technology we are providing crucial health information to pregnant women in India, facilitating the clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine in Sierra Leone, and strengthening health systems that deliver family planning services. We work with partners in government, the private sector and civil society:

Photo credit: Karl Grobl/Freedom from Hunger

Promoting Health

Acquiring health knowledge and information is an important first step in achieving health. Gaining access to health financing and health services is next. Our innovative programs find new ways of providing both.