Growth Guarantee Program

Linking Poverty Focused Institutions to Local Capital Markets

In 2005, Grameen Foundation launched the Growth Guarantee (GG) program to help microfinance institutions (MFIs) establish credit relationships with local banks and build critical access to local currency financing. 

The GG program was initiated to address a lack of capital supply for MFIs in the face of substantial unmet demand for microfinance loans. Where capital was available, 92 percent of the funding was denominated in hard currency (USD or Euro), which created excessive foreign exchange risk at the MFI level. The GG program was designed to address both of these issues by opening up new local sources of capital, effectively offering both a “credit introduction” for the MFI and a “credit enhancement” for the local bank in the form of a letter of guarantee. 

The Growth Guarantee program is an innovative vehicle structured in partnership with Citi Bank and committed philanthropists who seek to leverage their assets for lasting impact.   

To date, the program has generated more than $235 million in local currency financing for 29 institutions in 12 countries.

Growth Guarantee Portfolio Clients

Sembrar Sartawi

Sartawi seeks to provide rural populations with access to financial services.  They tailor loan products to specifically fit the needs of clients engaged in agricultural production and livestock operations, taking a holistic approach to addressing the needs of their clients, including providing technical assistance, value-chain support and providing market access to clients. 

MBK Ventura

MBK’s mission is to improve the living standards of significant numbers of the bottom twenty five percent of households by income in Indonesia. MBK provides access to working capital for significant numbers of low-income women, particularly those located in rural areas and small towns, in an honest, fair, timely and efficient manner.