Our agriculture program provides solutions to the daily problems that confront smallholder farmers—whether that is access to finance, farm inputs, weather information, technical assistance, or markets.  

These are the resources needed by some 2 billion people around the world who rely on smallholder farming for their daily food and livelihoods. Today, such smallholder farmers comprise the majority of the world’s poorest people, and half of all food-insecure households globally. 

To reach farmers at the “last mile” – especially women farmers who often shoulder the majority of farm labor with the least access to resources – we combine the use of digital technology, networks of skilled individuals in local communities, and a rich array of partners. 

To get technology to work for smallholder farmers, we focus first on people and partnerships.  Local networks of farmer group leaders, women’s savings groups, loan officers, farm input dealers and others are central to the development and implementation of exciting solutions that take on a life of their own. To end poverty and hunger, our programs are:

Market Engagement

We design programs that enable resource-limited farmers to become reliable, preferred providers to formal markets, and enable service providers to deliver appropriate affordable products to poorer farmers.

Connecting to Finance

Smallholder farmer demand for agricultural finance outstrips supply ten-fold. Other forms of financial services, including crop insurance and secure ways to save among them, would likewise open new opportunities for farmers in poor countries.