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What We Do

Poverty and hunger often go hand-in-hand, and the poorest people are women and their children. We innovate to solve the problems they face. We use digital technology and partner networks to create solutions that bring financial, agricultural and health services to women and their households.  As part of these solutions, we pay attention to the larger context of a woman’s life, and help to build empowering ecosystems that support her breakthroughs – whether in health, income, equity, confidence or capacity. Every breakthrough counts.

Building Empowering Ecosystems for Poor Rural Women

Our programs and partnerships strengthen essential elements of an empowering ecosystem for women.

Empowering Ecosystem graphic

Innovate and Integrate: Financial, Agricultural and Health Services

An empowering ecosystem includes the sustainable delivery of formal products and services that meet the needs of poor women and families.  We focus on creating solutions across three main areas, often applying new technologies to benefit the rural poor.

Scale solutions, strengthen organizations

The delivery of sustainable, scalable solutions that ultimately reach millions requires new business models, innovative partnerships, and strong organizations.

The path to sustainability and scale can be complex, and as we innovate to solve the problems of poverty, we identify and incubate those solutions with the greatest potential. We work with partners to move these solutions from early promise to wide-scale impact, whether as social enterprises, as core to partners’ operations, or as government services.

Toward this goal, Grameen Foundation has also developed an array of products and services—originally designed for our own use—to help organizations with similar missions be more effective. Learn more.