We Feed the World

We Feed the World

Women who tend small farms grow more than half of the world’s food.

Grace (above) has raised ten children and is putting two through nursing school with the proceeds from her small farm in rural Ghana.

Women like Grace are incredible. In countries around the world, they farm tiny plots of land day in and day out with few resources, yet they produce most of the food for their families and villages.

What if they had the opportunity to do more? When women are empowered with opportunity, they transform their own lives, the lives of their children, and their communities.

This is why Grameen Foundation equips women farmers with:

  • Access to loans, savings accounts, and health services
  • Agricultural and financial training
  • Community and group support

Women are already feeding their families. And with your help, they can do even more to educate their children, build local economies, and eliminate hunger and poverty.

Don’t make them do it alone. Join us, and affirm your belief in their dignity. Join us, and your donation will help women access the resources they need to feed – and change – the world.


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