Watch this Video and Take the Challenge!

Watch this inspiring video and then take the challenge today!


Could you live on $2.50 a day?


Women make up 70% of the world’s poor. Every day, countless women face the challenge of living on less than $2.50. Grameen Foundation works to empower these women to lift themselves out of poverty and improve their own lives.

Join “Team Grameen” in celebrating International Women’s Day and show your support for women everywhere by taking the Grameen Foundation $2.50 Challenge.

You’ll experience the challenge of filling your stomach with just $2.50 for one entire day and in doing so, you’ll raise money to support the many millions of poor women who face this struggle every day.

If you hate poverty and are looking for a way to make a meaningful difference, this is your chance. Get your friends and family involved by asking them to donate to your cause. The more people, the better!

Just click the “Take The Challenge” button below, and we’ll guide you through the quick and easy process of setting up your own page.

One woman is worth so much more.