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Grameen Foundation: Many People, One Purpose

Fewer than 200 Grameen Foundation staff are working in close partnership with thousands of volunteers and donors around the globe to empower the world's poorest—especially women—with access to small loans and other financial services, life-saving information and unique business opportunities. In this video, a few of the people on "Team Grameen" talk about how their lives have been changed, and how you can help.

Microsavings Empowering Women in India

Grameen Foundation's Microsavings Initiative has helped CASHPOR Micro Credit offer savings products to almost 67,000 poor women and their families. Watch this video to learn more about Chanda and the women in her community.

The Power to Save

Grameen Foundation is working with CARD Bank in the Philippines to ensure that the poor have easy access to savings services. The added security that formal savings services provides can be the difference between surviving an emergency—a natural disaster, a healthcare problem, etc.—and losing everything to it.

Connecting the Poor to Savings Accounts

In India, a country in which citizens have to be able to save with a bank, many poor people, especially women, find it difficult and nearly impossible to find the means and resources to do so. Grameen Foundation and CASHPOR Microcredit's microsavings initiative provides poor people with a safe place to store their money and prove their repayment capacity. CASHPOR's Business Correspondent Model allows the poor to save without traveling to a bank and the mobile technology that empowers these customers with the ability to manage their savings from home.

Community Knowledge Worker

Grameen Foundation AppLab fights global poverty through innovative technologies that empower the poor with life-changing information.In this film we look at the role of Community Knowledge Workers, who use smartphones to give farmers actionable information in Uganda.

Mobile Midwife Initiative by Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation's Mobile Technology for Community Health, or MOTECH, program is working to reduce high infant and maternal mortality rates in Ghana.

Using a basic mobile phone, community healthcare providers collect patient data and upload records to a centralized database. Patient records are analyzed to establish personalized care schedules, and reminders are sent to nurses and patients about care visits. Recorded messages containing advice on pregnancy-related issues, important facts about fetal development and reminders about healthcare visits also are sent to expectant mothers.

Women are especially encouraged to have a healthcare provider attend their delivery and have their babies examined within 48 hours of birth.

mHealth: Leveraging MOTECH in the Field

MOTECH Suite is a set of Open Source technologies from a consortium of partners who have recognized that their complementary software efforts can address core needs of mHealth.