Tips for completing the USAID WEER Innovation Prize RFA

  1. Make sure you download all the required application documents from the Innovation Prize website. For further information, send an email to

  2. Applications must address WEER’s core objective to increase women entrepreneur’s access to financial products and services for business growth. This could include credit, savings, payment or other financial products. Applications which do not increase women’s access to financial products will not be selected.

  3. Applicants have to provide at least 1-to-1 in-kind or cash match funding, which could be staff time, materials, technology development costs and other similar material costs that go into the development or implementation of your innovation. Make sure to explain your cost share in your proposal.

  4. Applications must address at least one of the areas listed in Page 4 of the RFA.

  5. Make sure to include all the required supporting attachments to your Innovation Prize application. These supporting documents take a little bit of time, so do not wait until the last minute!

  6. Make sure your budget does not include ineligible costs, for guidance, refer to Page 8 of the RFA.

  7. Partnerships are allowed, these could be between banks, financial intermediaries, between DFS providers, mobile network operators; or any other partnership arrangement applicants think would be fruitful. Ask WEER staff if you would like some help identifying a partner.

  8. Applications should respond to the gaps highlighted in the Financial Ecosystem Gap Analysis Summary Report.

  9. Selected applicants will receive free technical support from Grameen Foundation, Bankers without Borders and GSMA.

  10. Organisations can only be Lead Applicants on one application. Organizations can be sub applicants (sub partner to a Lead Applicant) on as many applications as they wish.

  11. The USAID WEER team is available to answer any additional questions you have, feel free to reach out via email at or to schedule a mentorship session.