Thanks to You, Beatrice Earns More from Her Farm

Just two years ago, Beatrice was struggling to provide for her six children. As a Grameen Foundation Community Knowledge Worker, she now is harvesting more crops and earning enough money to send her children to university.

As a mother of six, Beatrice cares very much about the well being of her children. For Beatrice, this means providing them with basic daily needs and an education. Her hard work and determination has sent three of her children to university - and she wants this to be possible for all six. 

Before becoming a Grameen Foundation Community Knowledge Worker (CKW), Beatrice and her neighbors would struggle to successfully farm their crops and then sell them to a middleman who severely underpaid them. 

Once Beatrice became a CKW, all of this began to change. She learned the best times to plant their crops, and she was finally able to farm enough to stop losing money. 

By applying the farming information she could access as a CKW, the quality of her crops improved and so did the quantities! And the change doesn’t stop with just Beatrice’s family. 

With Beatrice’s help, a group of ten farmers decided to sell all of their crops together for larger profits by cutting out the middle man. Now her neighboring farmers are also making more money than ever before. 

With her increased income, Beatrice is now going to be able to send all six of her children to university. Once she has paid for all of their schooling, she hopes to help fund construction to build a well for fresh water in her community.

Fifth Graders Fighting Poverty!

A fifth grade class from Thomas Haley Elementary School in Irving, TX (photo courtesy of, started their own business selling goods made from recycled products, donating 100% of the proceeds to Grameen Foundation. 

Overall, the class donated over $1,000! The teacher wrote in a letter attached to the donation "We would like your organization to have the profits from our business to allow women in third world countries to become entrepreneurs and allow them to build their own businesses as well."

How You Can Fight Poverty Right Now

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