Supporter Survey July 2017

Thank you to the many supporters who responded to our 2017 survey. It closed on August 7 and we’re excited to share some of the results with you. Here’s what you told us:


More than half of you (57%) are most concerned about our core mission of empowering poor families to create a world free from poverty and hunger. And a sizeable number you care deeply about environmental sustainability, an area we focus on through helping farmers manage resources and mitigate the impact of climate change.


The majority of you are more concerned about global affairs than you were a year ago. But remember: despite the challenges we face, overall incomes and quality of life have been increasing – and with partners like you in the fight to end poverty, that trend will continue.


There’s no single solution to poverty. That’s why we offer a range of solutions that respond to people’s needs. We’re glad that stories from all of our core areas of work interest you and will continue to bring you updates from across the world.

Your feedback is invaluable to our work - and now we’re putting what we’ve learned into action.