Elena is a micro-entrepreneur who knows what it takes.

She just doesn't have what it takes.

Elena and her husband Hobard have eight children, and they are all living at home during the COVID-19 crisis. Which means everyone pitches in.

Hobard used to work as a construction worker, but COVID-19 restrictions have eliminated that income. Elena runs a sari-sari shop and a home cooked meal business. But business has suffered greatly and it is a struggle. No one has money to spend on shopping or meals. Rice is the only thing most of her customers can afford right now.

Elena is also a Barangay officer, which means she is currently working in the front lines, assisting in the checkpoint protocols. The children now run both businesses for her and everyone pitches in to pull it all together.

Unconditional cash from Grameen's COVID-19 Emergency Relief program meant that Elena's family could invest in another business, a loading business, to keep them afloat while they wait for the economy and their main businesses to recover.

It isn't easy, but it is enough.

I pray for a long life so that I can still support my children and have them finish school.  
— Elena Nayran
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