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Selasse Gidiglo - Agronomist

Drones. Satellite intelligence. Soil science. Pest infestation prevention. Market pricing. Diversification loans. Agronomic best practices. Early warning weather alerts.

Technology changes everything.

It’s a maxim especially true in the developing world. Access to some of the same information and resources enjoyed by large farms can level the playing field for struggling rural farmers.

Make self-help a way of life. One text at a time.

Around the world, our work assumes the names of our many network partners. Whether you meet them as FarmGrow, FarmerLink, TaroWorks or another name, each uses text messages to send timely, important information and reminders.

We put hyper-localized, data-driven information in the hands of local agronomists and farmers to help them make and keep to 7-year plans to improve their crop yields.

These texts, voice messages, and specialized call-in radio shows let them know about upcoming severe weather, or what to do to prevent pest infestation. Others link them to digital farm development loans tailored to their growing and lean seasons to make repayment easier. Many are simple tips to improve their soil and crop yield, or reminders to help them stay on track.

This technology is delivered by more than 30,000 agricultural Community Agents, each of whom can reach anywhere from 150 to 1,000 farmers in a year.

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