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Grameen Community Agents doing digital financial transaction

1.6 billion
people don’t have access to financial services.
70% of them
are women.

Community Agents are what make the Grameen Foundation Model so uniquely effective. Because no matter how well-designed a mobile solution is, it can't work if people don't use it.

Extremely poor populations don’t have the Internet, and many cannot read. And none of us wants to use technology that we don’t trust or understand. That is why we train members of the community to support and provide digital services to their neighbors living in remote, rural areas. Some Community Agents provide digital financial services, while others share farm development plans, expertise, and experience as agronomists.

Grameen Foundation collaborates with local partners who recruit, train, equip and manage Community Agent networks. From banks to microfinance institutions to mobile phone networks to agribusiness, we work to create a comprehensive ecosystem of support from the financial services industry.

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Agents trained
since 2016

Grameen Foundation Community Agents: Empowering the poor in their own communities.