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Data-Driven Agriculture: The future of smallholder farmer data management and use

In 2018, Grameen Foundation authored a landscape assessment on the use for data in support of smallholder farmers and agricultural development. This infographic summarizes a few of the main findings, and can serve as a launching pad for those considering how to harness the power of big data and digital technology for agricultural innovation. For a related blog, "Big Data and Smallholder Farmers," click here.

The Farmer of the Future: Blockchain on 500 Million Smallholder Farms

SXSW Panel Discussion
Hosted by Consensys and Grameen Foundation

The lives of smallholder farmers are a paradox. Although they produce much of the world’s food, they account for most of the world's poor. They are largely locked out of global food supply chains, and unable to build their financial futures or fully contribute to economic growth.

Follow Her Lead

We know that change doesn’t start with us; it starts with the women we serve. Women who are leading their families and communities down a new path - one of security, self-reliance, and prosperity. Women who are igniting change in their communities.

We’re proud to share the stories of three of these women.

Her Breakthrough

The most important breakthrough is hers: a woman who is no longer afraid to try something new. She took out a loan. She started a savings group. She learned about health and farming and finances. She took action, transforming her life, and the lives of her family and community.

Your support makes Her Breakthrough possible. Thank you for Being Part of It.