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Developing Next Generation Health Financing Instruments for Households: Drawing on Lessons Learned

Health shocks are the most prominent idiosyncratic shocks and stresses that low-income households face. Demand for health financing support is often higher than any other financial risk management solution, and demand far exceeds the supply. An improved and expanded choice of health financing options is needed to ensure low-income households have financial instruments to anticipate, respond to, and recover from health events without resulting in increased vulnerability and poverty traps. This will require patient and long-term investments from donors, investors, governments, health service actors and the financial services sector and will require thinking about health financing through an ecosystem lens, where demand generation for and supply of health services and health financing should be designed to intersect. 

In midst of rural poverty, 1.3 million people gain access to financial services through women's networks

Low-income women equipped with new technology are driving change in financial access and gender roles in India and the Philippines. Women-based networks of community finance workers, organized by Grameen Foundation, have brought financial services to nearly 1.3 million people through hundreds of newly trained community finance workers.

Coffee, Cocoa, and the Cutting Edge

March 07, 2019

That morning ritual loved by millions, a simple cup of coffee, may one day be a thing of the past. New research shows that 60% of the world’s 124 species of wild coffee face a mounting threat of extinction, mostly as a result of deforestation. This potential loss of genetic diversity would, in turn, limit the ways in which coffee could be adapted to a changing climate and disease threats.

Digital Farmer Profiles: Reimagining Smallholder Agriculture

Mobile technology, remote-sensing data, and big data are opening opportunities to integrate the world’s 500 million smallholder farmers into the broader agri-food system. In this report, Grameen Foundation, on behalf of Digital Development for Feed the Future analyzes current practices and new opportunities to bring fragmented data, technology, resources, and service providers together to support the farmer ecosystem—with the potential of bringing about another agricultural revolution. 

Impact: Breakthroughs Changing Lives

We place women at the center of our work, creating the services, tools and networks they need to breakthrough complex and entrenched situations of poverty and hunger. The purpose of our partnerships--spanning financial services, health, and agriculture--is to create sustainable solutions that can be broadly implemented to improve the lives of women and families living in poor, rural communities.  

Here you can find examples of that impact for select projects.

Health Financing and Access

Rural poor gentleman receives a much needed eye exam.For millions of people, a health crisis is also a financial crisis, plunging them more deeply in to poverty. We develop solutions that strengthen the access of women and families to health services, through health financing and education, and partnerships that breakthrough barriers to health in underserved communities.