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Nanay Maria

Nanay Maria used to sell eggs and rice cakes by the side of the road near her village in the Philippines. She knew there was a market for additional items, but didn’t have the extra money she needed to expand her business. Then Nanay Maria joined CARD Bank, a microfinance institution and Grameen Foundation partner in the Philippines. With an initial loan of 3,000 pesos (about $73) and her small savings, Nanay Maria began selling another local delicacy – sweetened bananas on a stick at her stand.

CARD PPI Mini Case Study

In 2009, the Grameen Foundation selected CARD Bank, a Philippine microfinance institution (MFI) with over 580,000 clients, to participate in its Microsavings Initiative. This case study describes how CARD Bank has used the PPI to identify opportunities for product cross-selling.

NWTF PPI Case Study

This case study describes how NWTF, an early adopter of the PPI, piloted and implemented the new poverty assessment tool. It outlines the experiences of NWTF management and staff as they made key decisions related to testing and data analysis.