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Factors Associated with Food Insecurity among Women and Children in Rural Rajasthan

Food insecurity remains a significant problem in India, especially among women and children. This paper by Freedom from Hunger (now a part of Grameen Foundation) measures food security and describe associated factors in rural Rajasthan, India. The findings suggest that actions for improving food security may include facilitating saving for food needs, improving decision-making power among women, and increasing ties to organizations that cater to child development needs. 

Kalinga kay Inay: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies. Program Evaluation

This report describes and evaluates the outcomes of the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies initiative. The initiative was aimed at Filipino women with the goal of improving their awareness of maternal health services, their knowledge of good practices for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and their use of prenatal care and safe birth services.

Grameen Foundation Microsavings Work Featured in Wall Street Journal

Between 2008 and 2013, Grameen Foundation helped CARD Bank to open 480,000 new savings accounts through its microsavings initiative. In this article, Julie Peachey, director of Grameen Foundation's social peformance management team, discusses the findings of a study designed to improve savings habits of these new clients through behavioral science. The study was conducted by ideas42.


Anne Ndungu is a mother of three, chairlady of her church, treasurer of her village’s women’s group and – thanks to a loan from Grameen Foundation partner Musoni – a successful entrepreneur.

“With the Kenyan shillings 80,000 loan (about US$800) I got from Musoni,” she said, “I was able to buy a dairy cow, start poultry keeping and build a cow shed.”


Traveling by motorbike on rural Ghana’s dirt roads, Racheal Derchie is an anomaly.

Young and university-educated, Racheal is the unlikely face of the future of farming in a country where the average farmer is 55 and poorly educated.

Racheal works with 200 smallholder farmers in Grameen Foundation’s AgroTech project. She uses its digital app suite to analyze and understand each farm’s history and needs. She teaches the farmers new practices, trains them in record keeping, and helps them obtain loans to purchase inputs.