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Youth Champions for Digital Finance launches in rural India

Less than 10 percent of India’s 650,000 rural villages have a bank branch, and millions of the rural poor have yet to access formal financial services. To help bridge this gap, Youth Champions for Digital Finance will train people in poor, rural areas in digital financial literacy, increasing their knowledge, confidence and ability to successfully use financial services.

Usability of Digital Financial Services in the Philippines

In the Philippines, where women have the role of managing household finances and allocating budget among family needs, digital financial services (DFS) represent a huge opportunity for expanding financial inclusion among low-income women. This new study from Grameen Foundation examines why DFS use continues at low levels among poor Filipino women, the challenges they face, and strategies to overcome them.

Impact:Mother and Child Health Project

In a part of India where over half of children and women suffer from anemia, the Maa aur Shishu Swathya (MASS), or Mother and Child Health Project, has worked since 2015 to bring women and their families an integrated, comprehensive package of financial services, health financing, health education and linkages to formal health providers. Find out how this project has improved life-saving knowledge of good nutrition and health practices.


What began as job to make extra money for school has now become a passion for Shubhangi—and is opening new opportunities for women and children in rural India.

A second-year university student, Shubhangi is a trainer with Grameen Foundation’s DIVE program (Digital Inclusion via Education), which was developed with the support of Citi Foundation. She visits different rural villages almost daily to teach women how to access and use financial services over the mobile phones, including how to how to connect to digitally based government services.

Venus Santos

It’s been a 10-year journey for Venus and her husband, Felix.

They left their home in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, determined to give their two young children better opportunities. Now living three hours away in Paco, Manila, she can finally sense a breakthrough.

India’s biometrics payment system shows benefits and challenges in project for women’s financial inclusion

July 24, 2018 by By Rahul Ranjan Sinha is Associate Program Manager of Client Insights and Social Performance at Grameen Foundation India and Gaurav Chakraverty is Associate Director of Innovations in Digital Finance at Grameen Foundation India.

This blog post was originally published on the Microfinance Gateway blog.

India’s Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) is the world’s first national biometric-based payments system. In the two years since its launch, AePS has revealed both benefits and challenges as it seeks to expand financial inclusion. Grameen Foundation India has experienced these directly as we work to scale digital financial services and financial education.