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Lessons Learned in Designing Online Education to Empower Women

January 02, 2020 by HABI Education Lab, Grameen Foundation content partner

In 2015, Grameen Foundation launched the Community Agent Network (CAN).  Its goal was to improve the resilience of the financially unserved and underserved by building a last-mile network of Grameen Community Agents in micro and small neighborhood shops to provide digital financial services (DFS)  to their neighbors in remote villages in the Philippines. 

Coffee, Cocoa, and the Cutting Edge

March 07, 2019

That morning ritual loved by millions, a simple cup of coffee, may one day be a thing of the past. New research shows that 60% of the world’s 124 species of wild coffee face a mounting threat of extinction, mostly as a result of deforestation. This potential loss of genetic diversity would, in turn, limit the ways in which coffee could be adapted to a changing climate and disease threats.

MOTECH Lessons Learned

This document explains our MOTECH project in Ghana and highlights key lessons learned by the project team as the system was being designed, developed and implemented. Although MOTECH is viewed as a “technology project,” the majority of the lessons learned are around operational issues, cultural components and operating with partners to make the project successful.