Financial Services

Sindhu: A woman empowered through financial services

October 19, 2018

Grameen Foundation in India is training poor women in digital and financial literacy so they can launch microenterprises that extend financial services to their neighbors. The program is breaking barriers of caste and access, as seen in the story of Sindhu, the first Grameen Mitra. 

Usability of Digital Financial Services in the Philippines

In the Philippines, where women have the role of managing household finances and allocating budget among family needs, digital financial services (DFS) represent a huge opportunity for expanding financial inclusion among low-income women. This new study from Grameen Foundation examines why DFS use continues at low levels among poor Filipino women, the challenges they face, and strategies to overcome them.

Healthy Savings for Better Reproductive Health in Bénin: Client Outcomes Study Baseline Report

Unmet demand for family planning in Bénin is acute.  Grameen Foundation, in partnership with two local non-governmental organization (NGO) partners in Bénin—APHEDD (Association pour la Promotion de l’Homme, la Protection de l’Environnement pour un Développement Durable and FADeC (Femmes Actrices de Développement Communautaire)— is working to integrate family planning support into APHEDD and FADeC’s existing Savings Group programs, in a new project called Women’s Savings Groups for Better Reproductive Health in Bénin which seeks to advance opportunities for rural women and...

Impact:Mother and Child Health Project

In a part of India where over half of children and women suffer from anemia, the Maa aur Shishu Swathya (MASS), or Mother and Child Health Project, has worked since 2015 to bring women and their families an integrated, comprehensive package of financial services, health financing, health education and linkages to formal health providers. Find out how this project has improved life-saving knowledge of good nutrition and health practices.

Impact: Savings Groups for Reproductive Health in Bénin

Women’s Savings Groups for Better Reproductive Health in Bénin has delivered family planning education to women in hundreds of savings groups in the country’s southern region. It builds upon a savings program that has enabled thousands of women to save for health-related issues. See how the project has empowered women to take care of their own and their families’ health. Watch for additional impacts on empowering rural women and men to make thoughtful and informed decisions regarding planning their families.

Breakthroughs in women’s empowerment: Decision-making power of women in microfinance and financial self-help groups in Jharkhand and West Bengal

This research brief presents results from a series of “Health Diaries”—or frequent surveyor-administered surveys—conducted with 45 women in West Bengal and Jharkhand, India to uncover how low-income women prepare for, cover, and recover from health costs and focuses specifically on household decision-making behaviors and gender dynamics within the household.