Grameen Foundation, Qualcomm, and Bakrie Telecom Launch “Usahaku” Mobile Application to Help Indonesia's Poor

Collaboration will Strengthen Entrepreneurship through Telecommunication

July 6, 2011 - Grameen Foundation, Qualcomm Incorporated, through its Wireless Reach™ initiative, and Bakrie Telecom on June 30 announced the launch of new mobile applications designed to strengthen entrepreneurship and deliver affordable technology in Indonesia, especially for people living below the poverty line.

One key part of this collaboration is an application package called “Usahaku,” which provides income-generating opportunities through a variety of applications that can be downloaded and activated according to the needs of each user. The application package is the result of the Application Laboratory Project (AppLab) that was announced at the end of 2010.

Earlier in June, as part of AppLab, the “Jual Pulsa,” or “Top Up,” application was launched, allowing the poor and poorest to become entrepreneurs and increase their income by selling airtime from all operators to customers. And the soon-to-be launched application, “Info Kerja” or “Day Job,” will connect people in Indonesia to informal sector job opportunities, increasing their chances of stable income for the household.

Moving forward, a range of applications will be included in the Usahaku application package and can be accessed and used through the different types of Hape Esia phones offered by Bakrie Telecom. Currently, Bakrie Telecom has launched Hape Esia type C55 and C52 with the Usahaku application installed. Several other Hape Esia with the Usahaku application will be launched in the near future.