Notice About Fraudulent Emails

We have been notified of several email scams where people misrepresent themselves as part of Grameen Foundation. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of scams that misrepresent many organizations, including Grameen Foundation, and this is one of them. Because the people behind these scams move quickly and change email addresses frequently, we are unable to stop them from sending false emails like this one. This moneylife article has more information on this particular email scam, while Duane Browning digs very deeply into it, even contacting the scammers, and reports on the results on his blog.

Grameen Foundation works to empower the poor by offering them access to appropriate financial services, life-changing information and unique business opportunities. We also help poverty-focused organizations measure their efforts and improve their business processes. We do not make loans or give grants to individuals, and we do not send unsolicited offers of employment or ask for money or personal information. Any email that claims to be from us and offers a loan, grant, employment, etc., is false.

In addition, any link in such emails should point to our website ( Emails that point elsewhere are most likely false. Any email that asks you to send information to an email address that does not end with is false.

Of course, if you ever have doubts about a communication that says it’s from us, please contact us.