Now Harriet Can Take Her Money Out of Hiding and Save It Confidently

Though her village has no bank, thanks to you, she now has a safe place to save for her four children's future.

Harriet Namusoby used to worry constantly. 

Week after week, she hid little bits of her income in a box in her home. She didn’t tell a soul - not even her husband - what she was doing, for fear that her savings would be stolen while she was working in the fields.

A coffee and maize farmer in eastern Uganda with a penchant for numbers, Harriet had to drop out of school when she was a pre-teen. Her father died unexpectedly, and her mother could no longer afford to pay her school fees. 

Determined not to let the same fate befall her four bright children, Harriet stowed away money for years, hoping and praying that her savings wouldn’t be stolen, eaten by pests, or burned up in a house fire.

Five years ago, though, Harriet had a chance to join a local savings group. Every week she meets with a group of her neighbors. They each contribute to a collective savings pool, tracking their own savings balances in small booklets and giving loans to one another in times of need. 

Harriet is great at math, so she is the group’s money counter. The group has always kept members’ savings in a green, metal box, which was taken home and hidden by a different member each week.

Thanks to your support, now Harriet’s savings group has a better solution for handling members’ monthly savings deposits. Using a Grameen Foundation mobile phone app called Ledger Link, which was developed with partner Barclays Bank, the group can track balances and loans digitally. This eliminates reliance on old-fashioned paper ledgers, minimizes human calculation errors, and even allows group members to build credit.

Harriet loves being in her savings group. She saved 260,000 Ugandan shillings – just under $100 – and can send all of her children to school.She took out loans from the group to pay school fees and to buy tiny plots of land, but she always pays her loans back as quickly as she can. She says, “I want [my children] to be better than me, because I never went far in school.” And thanks to you, her dreams for her children are coming true.

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