You Helped Theresa Through a Pregnancy Scare

The first of her family to seek help from a doctor, Theresa’s fears were calmed with expert advice

Theresa Quasyn knows the value of accurate information. 

When she was pregnant with her first child, she started leaking fluids, and she knew she needed to act fast and get the best help possible.

At the clinic near her home in Ghana, Theresa learned that leaking amniotic fluid is normal during the third trimester. Then, her nurse told her about how to sign up for Grameen Foundation’s Mobile Midwife service to teach her about pregnancy.

Theresa began receiving weekly messages on her mobile phone through Mobile Midwife, and gained access to information she hadn’t had access to before. She was one of the first women in her area to sign up. 

“They taught me how to eat during pregnancy. If you can’t remember what to eat and what not to eat, they tell you. They told me no alcohol. They told me to eat fruit like bananas and oranges, and carrots. Small amounts of dried fish, too. I didn’t know this.” 

She’s still using what she learned about healthy eating in her second pregnancy. She shares information with her husband, and makes sure that her now two-year-old son, Joseph, is eating healthy, too. She’s enrolled in Mobile Midwife for the second time and is happy to continue learning new things. 

“When I have a problem, the nurses call me back. On Mondays I get a call. I’m reminded to go to the hospital, get a tetanus shot, and take medicine.” Theresa’s success with the program has inspired other women in her village to join Mobile Midwife and receive help at the local clinic. Before Mobile Midwife, few women knew to go to the hospital. 

“Anything you want, anything you need—call [Mobile Midwife]. They take time to help,” Theresa says. Theresa feels empowered by the information she’s learned, and she feels confident that her second birth will be even smoother than the first. This confidence and healthier lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without supporters like you!

Inspiration From A Kindergarten Class

Recently, a kindergarten class in Wyoming contacted us to tell us they were planning to raise $100 for our work. Word about the fundraiser spread around the school, and in response to the kids’ enthusiasm, the school joined in and the fundraising goal was increased to $300! 

Two of our staff members hosted a Skype call with the kindergarten class to answer questions about our work and to thank them for their generous support.

How You Can Fight Poverty Right Now

With summer in full swing, we hope you’ve been enjoying relaxing and fun activities with loved ones.

Wouldn’t you like one more reason to gather friends and family for a good time?

Join our Summer BBQ Challenge and you can host a party and fight poverty at the same time!

It’s easy to turn your party into a fundraiser! Simply create a fundraising page, set a goal, and then invite your friends to donate. Instead of spending $10 or $20 going out to eat, your friends can donate that money to your page. In return, they’ll enjoy a yummy barbecue and help poor women and families around the world!

It can be a small gathering with just a few friends, or a larger get-together. No barbecue is too small, and every dollar counts in the fight against poverty.