In Her Third Pregnancy, Sophia's Finally in Good Hands

After difficulties during her first two pregnancies, you've helped Sophia eat a healthier diet and have a successful pregnancy!

Watch a video of Sophia's story!

Sophia lives in Ahentia, Ghana, and is pregnant with her third baby. Though her two children are healthy now, she had many difficulties with her two previous pregnancies, partly because of the traditional medicines she was given by her grandmother. The medicines made her heart beat too fast, and could have killed her and her babies. Like any mother would be, Sophia was scared and worried about her children. 

Thanks to supporters like you, this time around Sophia is using Mobile Midwife, Grameen Foundation’s messaging service for expecting mothers. Each week, Sophia receives a voice message that gives her information she can use to keep her baby and herself healthy. 

Through Mobile Midwife, she learned what she should eat; now she eats a diet full of fruit and protein. She also makes her appointments, thanks to reminders she gets on her phone, and she has even gotten an ultrasound. “This time,” she says, “I am not worried. I am in good hands with [Mobile Midwife].”

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