A Tasty Meal Helps to Build a New Future

Cebila, her husband, and son

Cebila is proud that she can support her family during difficult times, thanks to loans from Manuela Ramos

Cebila Murayari Caritimari started her food business with one table, a couple of chairs, and a big dream. It was tough at first. She had very few pots and prepared her food over firewood. Even worse, she didn’t have a covered stall, so when it rained, she couldn’t sell her juanes (a traditional Peruvian dish) and fried rice. Her husband hauled goods with a cargo bicycle to help support her and their son, but when her mother died, she was left with very little money because she had to pay for the funeral.

When her husband learned about Movimiento Manuela Ramos, a microfinance institution in Puno, Peru, that works with Grameen Foundation, he encouraged her to join. This was Cebila’s first experience with loans. She used the first loan to build a hut for her business and also bought wood to make new tables because she wanted to sell her food at lunchtime. The clients soon started coming and she used the money she made to buy more supplies and to save for more material. The money from the second loan helped her buy new tables and chairs for her expanding business.

When the business grew even larger, they decided it was time to give it a formal name: Restaurant El Plato Sabroso (“Tasty Meal” in Spanish). Cebila also started a side business, selling popsicles and ice cream in the afternoon at her neighborhood soccer field.

Cebila is delighted at the progress she and her family have made. Her son can now study and attend school without worry. Cebila’s proud that she can support her family during difficult times when her husband can’t, and is grateful to Manuela Ramos because it was the first institution that had faith in her when she had nothing.

Since 2010, Grameen Foundation has invested more than $561,000 in Manuela Ramos through our Pioneer Fund, which is designed to help promising social enterprises and microfinance institutions working in rural and hard-to-reach areas. In collaboration with USAID, we also provided a guarantee to support a $1.2 million loan to the organization through our Growth Guarantee program.

Grameen Foundation invests in organizations like Manuela Ramos to give poor women and men like Cebila the opportunity to build new business and support their families. Please give today to help us make a difference in their lives.