Marking a Milestone with Service to Others

Carol enjoys an ice cream while traveling in Hungary.

As her 70th birthday neared, Carol Weinstock was determined to do something memorable.  Over the years, the retired journalism professor had supported various organizations. She thought a fundraiser for one of them would be the best way to celebrate her passion for helping others.

“I’ve always been interested in various causes, such as women’s rights, education and access to healthcare,” she says.

International issues were especially important to her, reinforced by experiences such as trekking in the Andes and the Himalayas, and driving across the Sahara Desert. “It opens you up to seeing how other people live and other cultures, and gives you an appreciation for what we have here,” she explains.

After learning about Grameen Bank more than 30 years ago from a television documentary, Carol read several books by Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Bank’s founder. About two years ago, she signed up for the Grameen Foundation mailing list to stay abreast of developments in microfinance and the fight against poverty.

When she read about Grameen Foundation’s “One Day’s Difference” campaign, Carol knew that was how she would mark her birthday.  Launched last fall, the campaign helps anyone raise funds and friends to support Grameen Foundation’s programs around the world. “Grameen Foundation made it easy by having a system to set up the page,” she remembers.

She launched her page right after Christmas – and a couple of weeks before her birthday – with the modest goal of raising $700 by asking for donations of ”$7 or $70, or anything between or beyond.” In 11 short days, she raised $842! “My friends and family were quite generous, and I was able to exceed my goal quite easily,” she says with a smile.

She’s not the only one smiling, of course.  Donors like Carol help bring smiles to the faces of poor people around the world, because this support helps Grameen Foundation spread programs that help these people break the vicious cycle of poverty. Won’t you please you bring a smile to someone’s face?

Carol’s experience shows just how easy it can be to make a difference. We’re here to help you through the process, so please development [at] (subject: Fundraising) (contact us) if you have any questions. You can also watch a short video that shows how you can make One Day’s Difference in the lives of the poor.