She’s a Hero where it Matters Most

Mas Kalama
With support from Grameen Foundation, Yehu Microfinance is helping women like Mas Kalama is create new opportunities for their families.

Mas Kalama isn’t a world luminary. She may never even be known beyond her rural village. But in her household, she stands tall as its sole breadwinner. The 32-year old mother of two lives outside Mombasa, a city on Kenya’s coast bordering the Indian Ocean.  She supports her family through her tailoring business and the money she makes from selling her wares at the local market.  Just over a year ago, she turned to Yehu Microfinance Limited, a microfinance institution that serves communities on Kenya’s coast. With her first loan of 10,000 Kenyan shillings (about $120), Mas bought an additional sewing machine and materials to help expand her business. Her hard work paid off and she was soon able to hire an assistant. She repaid her first loan within 12 months and recently took out a second loan of 10,000 shillings to continue building her business.  In addition, she’s been able to buy furniture for her home – something she couldn’t afford to do before.

Women like Mas make up 70% of the world’s poor. Their determination to beat those odds inspires us every day at Grameen Foundation. They are at the heart of what we do, whether it’s supporting microsavings in India and maternal and child health in Ghana, or ensuring women like Mas have access to microloans that can help her family thrive.

That’s why March 8, International Women’s Day, is special to us – it’s the one day when everyone around the world stops to recognize the contributions women are making to our society.  Thanks to donors like you, we are proud to support Mas Kalama and other women who are leading their families out of poverty.