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October 2013

Read our new annual report to learn how our work is benefitting people and communities across the globe. We’d also like you to meet a volunteer who is determined to help poor people transform their lives, and watch this video about our mobile health initiative in Ghana.

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September 2013

We know that to end poverty, we've got to unlock forces that push us over the tipping point. Read on to learn how our investments helped a microfinance bank in Peru reach more poor families, and learn how skilled volunteers are amplifying impact across Africa.

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May 2013

Happy Mothers Day! Watch this video to learn how we’re helping pregnant women and new mothers give their children a bright start, and meet a mother in Uganda who is helping her fellow farmers improve their lives.

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April 2013

For many of us, April means showers—sometimes lots of them. It’s also the time when we plant new crops. But what if you were a poor farmer and didn’t know when or if the rains would come? How would you plan for that? Learn how we’re helping a tomato farmer in Uganda save her crops and meet an entrepreneur in the Philippines who made water the driving force in her business.

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March 2013

Women's History Month: learn more about the unsung women we serve and also to meet a Bankers without Borders® volunteer who deferred his dream so that he could volunteer at a women's microfinance bank in Banda Aceh.

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