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March 2017

We see it every day - the right information helps people make the best decisions. For Adjoa, it meant finally growing enough maize to support her family. Omolola is happy she will have a better chance of a safe delivery. And with Gadi's help, poor women in Chennai will be able to expand their businesses.


February/March 2017

A health crisis can thrust a family more deeply into poverty. Read how women in India are improving health and nutrition in their community and how indigenous women in Peru are relieving stress through volleyball. And learn how wealth creation officers are helping farmers in Kenya thrive.


January 2017

Healthcare remains a huge challenge in the communities we serve. Learn how Josephine survived a pregnancy scare in Bénin and how we combined microfinance and health to help women in the Philippines. Also, meet Cesar, who says farming changed his life completely.


December 2016

In our last issue of 2016, we salute the millions of women who feed the world. Learn how Maria is helping her community in Colombia to rebuild and prosper following years of armed conflict, and how women's savings groups are protecting children from hunger. And meet Maam Ginging who is determined to build a strong legacy for her family.


October/November 2016

Join us for a conversation on the new combined Grameen Foundation will help more women and their families create a more stable and secure future and learn how volunteers are helping us close the gender digital divide. And meet Ruth, who worked her way up from farm hand to farm owner.


August/September 2016

Meet Racheal, whose decision to work in agriculture after university raised eyebrows in Ghana, and Purity, who is fighting her way out of poverty through chickens. And learn how we're helping to turn the tables on Ebola in Sierra Leone.