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November 2017

This month we’re celebrating the breakthroughs and quiet firsts of unheralded women. From Kankuri, who broke tradition by eating with her husband, to Samata, who is building a successful farming business to pass on to their children. And meet Josephine, who changed the way her family managed their health.

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October 2017

In this issue, we celebrated new experiences. In Burkina Faso, husbands came to a savings group meeting to share their appreciation, and a volunteer travel 9,000 miles to support business entrepreneurs in Kenya’s slums. And we also learn how new technology could finally help people in remote communities become "visible."

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July 2017

What’s more important to you? Poverty? Hunger? Global Health? Here’s what other Grameen Foundation supporters and donors had to say. And learn how villagers on a small island in the Philippines and farmers in Kenya are getting the tools they need to be more resourceful and resilient.

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June 2017

From India to Tanzania, we are celebrating new seasons of opportunity. Anna Rana is passionate about health and is sharing her new training with neighbors across her village in northern India. In Tanzania, poor farmers have a better chance to modernize their farms. And, a volunteer meets a group of women who are proud that they can finally write their names. 

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May 2017

Americans drink almost $1 billion dollars worth of coconut water. What does that mean for coconut farmers? Do you know what it takes to fight anemia in India? Find out about our successful program in West Bengal that protects the health of pregnant women and newborns. Read our blog lately? You may want to read about three ways to increase financial inclusion in West Africa. What's brewing?? Check out this story about what it takes to grow coffee in Colombia.

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April/May 2017

What does this Mother’s Day look like for women in poverty? Do you know the facts to fight global poverty? We've got a test for you. How do savings groups make a difference in peoples lives where drought has ruined so much? What can health volunteers offer families in their communities when faced with a health crisis?